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Winter Campaign

We want to keep even more people warm this winter, but we can’t do it without your help.

Preventative action is better than cure.

How your donation is spent

Pakistan winter emergency campaign

If you get a chest infection this winter, you’ll go to your doctor and be cured within days.

But what happens when you’re a poverty-stricken child in Pakistan with no access to healthcare? The chest infection turns into pneumonia, and you die a slow, preventable death. This harsh reality is further increased during the COVID pandemic.

At the Zia ul Ummah Foundation, we believe preventative action is better than cure.

We have hundreds of students in Pakistan in our schools where both girls and boys are provided with free Islamic education. The temperature will drop below 0 degrees and many are in the unfortunate position of not having warm clothing.

Last year we delivered 1000s of packs across Pakistan. We want to keep even more people warm this winter, but we can’t do it without your help. Our team is already on the ground in Pakistan, distributing winter and food supplies so vulnerable children and adults stay warm this winter. For 94 years, we’ve supported under-privileged families across the region. Now, we need your help to keep them alive.

Children and women are the worst affected

When we met two-year-old Adam in Pakistan, he was sat around a small fire seeking refuge from the cold.

It was five degrees outside, but his family were too poor to heat his home or buy him a coat, so the fire was his only option.

Because of your support, the Zia ul Ummah Foundation was able to give Adam and his friends hats, gloves, and blankets to help them fight off the cold conditions.

But there are many more families in Pakistan who need your help to survive this winter.

You have the power to do something. Make a difference today!