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Scholarship the path to Islamic enlightenment


Tayyab Usman joined the Bhera Zia Ul Ummah Institute back in 2006. He finished his master’s degree in April 2015. Today, he teaches at the university.

“My family could not have sent me to college. After matric [equivalent to GCSEs in the UK], I came here, and was given the opportunity to pursue further education free of cost,” he says.

He studied civics, computer sciences and economics, as well as courses in fiqh (theory of philosophy of Islamic law), Hadith (teachings of the Prophet), Persian and Arabic.

“I would not have been able to pursue these courses if not for this institution. It’s important that more schools and colleges like this one be funded because they are not just providing an education to the underprivileged, but also producing confident and modern Islamic scholars, who become beacons of Islamic education in today’s world.”

Dr. Allama Shahbaz Ahmed Chishti is another of our inspiring alumni. He completed his matriculation from the Zia Ul Ummah campus in Gujrat, and F.A. (equivalent to GCEs in the UK) from the Bhera campus. He achieved BA and MA degrees in Islamic studies and Arabic and then became a solicitor and a lecturer in Gujrat. He’s now an imam at a mosque in New York and also pursuing a PhD in Islamic theology.

Currently, there are about 30,000 students enrolled at 200 Zia Ul Ummah schools and colleges across Pakistan. About 2,500 students are pursuing Islamic studies, and at least 30 of our alumni have pursued PhDs in Pakistan and abroad.

“These students are not just shining examples for the institute, but are taking on roles that make a difference to the people around them and go on to globally improve the image of Islam,” says Arshad Ahmed, who works for the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation.

Tayyab Usman believes Islamic education is key to the future of the faith. “More organisations like Zia Ul Ummah should exist so the problem of extremism can be eradicated through education and enlightenment.”

You can make a difference by donating as little as £10 to buy resources such as books and furniture, or donate £25 a month to sponsor a scholar.

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