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Orphan Gifts


Add a smile to a child's face!

How your donation is spent

Gifts 4 Orphans

Gifts 4 Orphans is a heartfelt initiative that invites you to make a meaningful impact in the life of an orphaned child with a simple £10 donation. This modest contribution can bring joy and warmth to a child facing challenging circumstances, providing them with essentials like food, clothing, and toys. Your generosity ensures that these orphaned children experience the delight of unwrapping a gift in the spirit of Eid, even amid the most desperate conditions.

Wondering what your donation entails? Our dedicated team will be personally involved in bringing joy to over 300 orphaned children. This includes sharing festive meals, facilitating the joy of opening gifts, and presenting new clothes to make the occasion truly special. Your donation plays a pivotal role in creating memorable moments for these children during Eid, fostering a sense of celebration and inclusion.

Consider the impact of your support – without your contribution, orphaned children might spend Eid without the joy of new clothes and the excitement of receiving Eid gifts. Your generosity through Gifts 4 Orphans ensures that these children, who have faced hardship, can partake in the festivities of Eid with the same spirit and enthusiasm as other children that come from the middle class.

Frequently Asked Questions

All installations are instructed immediately but can take up to 6 months to complete.

All wells are left under the supervision of a family or committee to ensure it maintained.

Yes. We will send you a report and a photograph of the handpump.

The well will benefit up to 10 people.