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Hifz Students

At the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation, we are proud to offer a comprehensive 3-year course that provides underprivileged children in Pakistan with classes to memorise the Quran.

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At the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation, we take pride in offering a comprehensive 3-year course designed to deliver high-quality Islamic education to underprivileged children in Pakistan. Recognising the limited access to education for many children from low-income backgrounds, who often find themselves confined to traditional religious schools, our program seeks to bridge this gap. Our mission is to provide a holistic education that encompasses both religious studies and academic subjects, aiming to empower these children with the knowledge and skills essential for success in life.

Our commitment to a well-rounded education goes beyond religious studies, incorporating vital academic subjects such as English, math, and science. While traditional religious schools may excel in providing a strong foundation in Quran, Tajweed, and Islamic studies, we believe in the importance of a diverse curriculum that equips students with the necessary skills and qualifications for higher education and future employment. Our unique blend of religious and academic studies is strategically designed to empower children, breaking the cycle of poverty through education and offering them a pathway to a more prosperous future.

In essence, our 3-year course is not merely about instilling religious knowledge but about fostering a comprehensive understanding that prepares students for success beyond the confines of traditional education. By offering a curriculum that combines religious teachings with essential academic skills, we aim to break down barriers and open doors to opportunities that empower these underprivileged children to thrive in their educational journey and beyond.

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At each of our 200 schools, 10% of students opt to take the memorisation course. Our 100% completion rate is a testament to both the quality of our teaching and the dedication of our students.

With your help, we’ve created generations of well-rounded students who know and understand Islam, and who also have the knowledge they need to escape poverty and provide for themselves and their families.

We need your support to keep this going. Donate now and support a child’s religious education.

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We give all our 30,000 students the option of studying Quran, Tajweed and Islamic studies alongside traditional subjects, so they don’t have to choose between their worldly and afterlife.

Our 3-year memorisation course advances students’ knowledge and understanding of Islam. It’s structured so they’re able to take their studies to university level and enter the world of Islamic scholarship, while also giving them the option to study traditional subjects at a higher level too. We’ve managed to create a balanced curriculum that offers the best of both worlds.

Our small classes of 15 to 20 students per scholar means students are given the close individual supervision they need for a quality education.

By the time they graduate, they’re modern beacons of Islam who are able to represent both their religion and country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly 60% of students successfully complete the 3-year program.

On average, 60% of the children enrolled in our Qur’an memorisation program successfully memorise the holy text.

Class sizes are tailored to each student’s level and can range in size, but on average, each of our 8 classes has 30 students, including girls. This personalized approach to education enhances the quality of instruction.

In the first year, students focus on Tajwid and the memorization of smaller Surahs. In the second year, we introduce classes in Urdu, Math, Geography, History, and English. After three years, 80% of students continue to the fourth year to complete their 10th year with us and complete the Qur’an memorization. This sets them up for success in further education.

You can visit our Hifz sponsorship page and make a regular donation or sponsor a student for a full year. We will then match you with a student in need.

Sponsorship costs £20 per month or £240 for the full year.

In addition to the Hifz classes, students also receive instruction in Islamic history and study.

Many of the children in our program come from underprivileged families and wouldn’t have access to education without our support. By sponsoring a child, you’re giving them the opportunity for a brighter future.

We currently have over 200 enrolled students and an additional 50 on the waiting list.

We aim to provide the best facilities for education, with the goal of accommodating 300 students. You can make a small donation of as little as £1 or sponsor a classroom.