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Female Education

At the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering girls through education. Our mission is to provide access to free education for underprivileged girls in Pakistan, with a current enrollment of over 10,000 girls across the country.

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How your donation is spent

Zia Ul Ummah Foundation provides free education to 30,000 students from disadvantaged homes across Pakistan.

At the heart of the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation’s mission lies a steadfast dedication to empowering girls through education. Our commitment translates into providing free education opportunities for underprivileged girls in Pakistan, with a current enrolment surpassing 10,000 girls throughout Pakistan. We firmly believe that education is not a privilege but a fundamental right, and to ensure that financial barriers do not impede access, we offer free accommodation and meals in our schools. Recognising the critical role of a safe and stable environment in fostering girls’ education, we extend these essential services to families.

In 1990, we took a significant step towards empowerment by establishing the Ghousia Girls College in Bhera city. This institution offers a comprehensive five-year course covering A-levels, a bachelor’s degree, and Islamic studies, providing girls with a robust education for a brighter future. Our proactive stance on girls’ education is evident through a dedicated program in our schools, where many female graduates have gone on to become academics, school founders, and even headteachers within our institutes. The impact we’ve made on girls across Pakistan is tangible, with success stories illustrating the transformative power of education.

While our efforts have brought about positive change, the journey is ongoing, and we recognise that sustained progress relies on your continued support. With your ongoing commitment, we can ensure that these girls receive the high-quality education they deserve, fostering empowerment, leadership, and a promising future for generations to come.

Girls in Pakistan face a huge range of barriers to education

55% out-of-school children are girls
13% of girls because their school is too far away
18% of girls because they need to help their family at home
34% of girls are out of school because their parents don’t allow them to attend
23% of girls are out of school because education is too expensive

Sponsor A Female Student

We’ve always championed girls’ education in Pakistan, which is why we have a dedicated programme that supports girls at our schools.

Many of our female graduates go on to become academics, some set up their own schools, and others come back to work for us as headteachers at our institutes.

We’re making a real difference to girls across Pakistan, but it’s only with your continued support that we’ll be able to give them the high-quality education they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation has a centralised management system in place to monitor student performance and results. Additionally, our trustees visit the institutions annually to assess the quality of education being delivered, at their own cost. The students also sit for board exams every year, and the foundation has a strong track record of producing high-achieving graduates.

The foundation has a separate facility for girls that provides a secure and supportive environment. The girls have access to medical, educational, and moral support under one roof.

The foundation is able to provide free accommodation and meals to girls through the support of donors who sponsor their education through monthly direct debits or recurrent donations.

The foundation tracks the progress and success of the girls by monitoring the number of graduates and their career paths. Each year, over 200 girls complete their BA/MA degree from the institution and go on to successful careers as business women, teachers, and even entrepreneurs.

Yes, you can sponsor a specific girl for the duration of her education.

Yes, the foundation welcomes donations of any amount to support the education of girls. The typical cost per child is £20 per month, but you are free to donate whatever you can afford.

The curriculum at Ghousia Girls College includes Islamic education as well as subjects such as English, IT, Mathematics, and Economics.

The students receive a BA Honors degree recognized throughout Pakistan after a 6-year course.

The course at Ghousia Girls College is a 6-year program.