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Feed Pakistan

We provide cooked food and food parcels for those in desperate need. Food is scarce in many communities, and we aim to reduce the burden however little it may be.

Making someone smile is more rewarding than you think!

How your donation is spent

We feed nearly 2,000 people every day

82.6 million people are food insecure in Pakistan. That means just under half the population doesn’t have enough food to eat. Food items are expensive, and many of the families we meet are unable to support themselves or their children.

Poverty in Pakistan is so extreme that 1.8 million children are forced into work so they can earn money to feed their families. But when children are in work, they can’t be in school – so the cycle of poverty continues because they don’t have access to the education that will save them from poverty.

What we do

The Zia Ul Ummah Foundation has food banks across the country where we distribute cooked meals and food packs to thousands of people living in poverty. Every single day, we fight hunger and malnutrition in Pakistan by feeding between 1,000 to 2,000 adults and children who are struggling to survive.

Our food banks serve widows, the elderly, orphans, children in work, and entire families who visit us on a regular basis.

Hot Meals

We need your help to keep our food banks open, so we can continue to feed thousands of people every single day.

Just £20 provides life-saving food for 10 people who are living in extreme poverty.

Our food programme is Zakat eligible, so you can pay your Zakat to a Zia Ul Ummah Foundation food bank. With us, your payment reaches those who need it most.

Food Parcels

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan in September 2019, with its epicentre in the Azad Kashmir region. It led to the loss of life, the destruction of property and damage to already poor infrastructure.

We met Mohammed Saleem and his small family in Azad Kashmir (Jatlan), both of his two children are disabled. The family lost their home during the 2019 earthquake and are now living in a temporary shelter. The ZUF team identified them as a family at risk with the children suffering from acute malnutrition. Since last year we have been providing them with monthly food packs and with your help they will receive a share of Qurbani in Ramadan 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

A food parcel feeds a family of 4-6 people people for a whole month.

The food parcels are provided throughout the year to needy families.

We distribute food parcels on a regular basis and therefore the delivery is made almost immediately.