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Lives Shattered

People who were already amongst the poorest in Asia have had their lives shattered by the flood in Pakistan and now have nothing. Please donate generously and help save lives today.

With Your Support

The Zia ul Ummah Foundation team are currently working in Dera Ismail Khan which is alongside Indus River, one of the larger river in Pakistan. Due to the heavy rain, the river broke its bank and the surrounding areas were submerged by 12 feet. In total 19 doctors including 5 female doctors are amongst #TeamZUF […]

Aid For The Flood Victims On The Move

Zia Ul Ummah Foundation relief efforts to help the victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan is continuing. Today under the supervision and leadership of Shaykh Amin Ul Hasanat of Bhera, following a special dua ceremony, 8 large trucks departed from Bhera. With your generosity, these trucks include family food packs, shelter ents, medicines, hygiene […]

Most Succesful Qurbani Ever

The Zia Ul Ummah Foundation team would like to Thank You for making our 2022 Qurbani campaign the most successful campaign to date. May Allah ﷻ reward you and your families immensely for your support. May it be a source of increased barakah for you throughout the year. This year we carried out Qurbani in […]

The Story Of Ibrahim

The act of carrying out a Qurbani is an annual reminder of the Quranic story of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) when Allah (swt) tested his submission to Him. Ibrahim (as) experienced a dream one night, in which Allah (swt) told him to sacrifice Ismail (as), his beloved son. At first, Ibrahim (as) believed this was […]

A Guide To Hajj

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ outlined the five pillars of Islam which are expected for every Muslim to carry out. Hajj is unique in that it is only required once in a lifetime, as opposed to the other pillars, which are required on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, Hajj itself is a great spiritual as well […]

Salah Times

“And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.” (2:110, Qur’an) Salah, namaz or prayer are all used to describe the second of the Five Pillars of Islam and is compulsory for every Muslim. Prayer is important, not only because it is one […]

The Power Of Dua

Dua for the Night of Power This dua should be recited on Laylatul Qadr, so it is the best dua for the last 10 days of Ramadan. Recite this dua every night, as much as you can, over these last 10 days of Ramadan to receive Allah’s (SWT) mercy. الْلَّهُمَّ اِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ […]


Shaban is an important month in the Muslim calendar and one in which we plan and prepare for Ramadan. It is a good time to cut back on our food consumption and keep voluntary fasts. Many of the early generation would pay their Zakat so that it could reach the poor during Ramadan.  Those who […]

Preparing For Ramadan

Shaban is an often-neglected month in the Muslim calendar flanked on either side by Rajab and Ramadan. But it too is a very important month and one in which we start to prepare for the coming Ramadan. The Prophet (saw) said: Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the […]