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We’re close to 100 years old and our methods work. 

Fighting poverty through education!

Zia Ul Ummah Foundation

Embarking on a unique journey, the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation is a charitable organisation with a strong focus on education. Our mission is to provide free education to disadvantaged children in Pakistan, firmly believing in the universal right of every child to receive a quality education, irrespective of their economic circumstances.

To ensure equal access to education, all our schools provide complimentary accommodation and meals, reflecting our unwavering dedication to ensuring that children from impoverished backgrounds have the educational opportunities they deserve.

We advocate for the inherent right of every child to an education. In addition to our primary school program, we have specialised initiatives supporting scholars, female students, and Qur’an students. Our holistic approach ensures that upon graduation, our students are not only prepared to lead lives grounded in Islamic values and principles but are also equipped to navigate the challenges of the contemporary world.

With almost a century of experience, our proven methods have yielded success. Our graduates, who now include respected lawyers, bankers, teachers, Islamic scholars, and international academics, proudly represent the Muslim community in Pakistan and beyond.

Every child has a right to an education

By sponsoring a child, you are providing them with the chance to break free from poverty and embark on a journey towards a secure, stable, and fulfilled life.

Free Education

Providing free education to over 30,000 underprivileged children

100 Years Old

The oldest education foundations in Pakistan.

Local Knowledge

Strong local knowledge and ties, makes us more effective than most.

Long Term Support

We see children from the start of their educational journey right to the end

Girls Education

Girls’ education isn’t an option for us – it’s essential.

Free Accomodation

All our schools offer free accommodation and school meals

Children just need a chance

In addition to advancing access to education in Pakistan, we extend our support to the community through various means. Our daily operations include serving thousands of people through our food banks dedicated to those facing poverty. During the winter, our emergency appeal ensures that vulnerable adults and children stay warm in challenging conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We provide a blended curriculum of secular subjects and Islamic studies, so students don’t have to choose between their worldly life and afterlife.
  • As well as providing free education to children who otherwise wouldn’t be in school, all our schools offer free accommodation and school meals, because we understand that education alone is not enough.